Bonjour and Welcome! I am Rachel V... the visual story teller

For private portraits or personal branding, telling your story is what drives me. Everybody has a unique story to tell, personal stories are what make us, shape us into who we are.

How do I do that?

We have a conversation, I listen to your story, who you are, how you're dream to be photographed, then together we create a portrait session to create portraits that tell something about YOU, and your personal story.

These portraits are a celebration of the wonderful YOU. My mission is to show the strong, confident, bold woman that has been hiding for too long!


My favourite subject in photography is YOU lady! I give you the power of transformation and make you blossom in front of the camera so that when anyone sees your photos you will leave them in awe!

“You will feel so much more confident in yourself after our photoshoot together, I will show you how beautiful you are. You don’t have to worry about a thing it is my responsibility to make you look amazing, so relax, enjoy, because this will be the photoshoot of your life.”

I specialise in portraiture because every portrait is unique to the person telling her story! I'm here to help you make your portrait session a remarkable experience!

You can either just be photographed on your own or invite the key men and women in your life to take part in this wonderful celebration of YOU to create beautiful legacy portraits.


Rachel xx