A portrait session to celebrate the Unique YOU

I know you're not going to wake up one day and say hey honey, I'm just going to pop to  the studio today to have my portrait taken, I've got so much to celebrate. It will not happen like I know. 

What will happen is that one day you will want to celebrate the amazing you, will come a moment where you say? What about me? It's not about being selfish it's about valuing yourself through an amazing experience, creating a legacy and telling a bit of your story with portraits that say something about you.

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Age is no limit

There seems to be a big wake up call among women over 50 these days, and there’s a tremor about women over 50 setting up businesses, stepping into their power I would say finally!
I'm from this generation where it took us a long time to realise, that nothing would come our way if we wouldn’t work for it.

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