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Feeling the September blues? Focus on what makes you happy

September brings a lot of mixed feeling though, while I love the idea of starting working on new photography projects, new learnings and meet ups, I always feel sad having to give up on Summer. I'm definitely a summer girl, I love the heat, enjoy the sunshine, spending days lazing on a beach or the pool, going to the market to buy fruits and veg, having al fresco dinners. So having to give up all of that makes me sad really and you?

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It's Summertime I invite you to slow down.

It's Summertime, slow down and create a beautiful virtual space to come back to every day!

Summer is finally here full bloom, time to sit out in the garden, on the beach, enjoy al-fresco dinning and walk barefoot. Don't let the sense of panic building up at the idea of slowing down and thinking I can't, too much to do, too little time, feeling deflated, at the thought of not having enough hours to finish the work before going on holidays. How do we learn to halt in a world where the set pace feels like being stuck in a washing machine on fast spin?

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