A wonderful Holiday and Christmas to you!

Here we are, another Christmas looming in the very near horizon. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is just Christmas again as usual. 



No! No year is ever the same, maybe you're feeling exhausted after a busy year and just want a break from everything rather than thinking about Christmas, and I get you, we've all been there, tired, fed up, dreaming of packing your suitcase for the nearest deserted island.

I'm here to remind you that nothing is for granted in this life, every treasured moment deserves dedication and mindfulness, we just tend to forget, living hectic lives.

What you will remember in the years to come is not how busy or tired you were. What you will remember is the joy of being together as a family for Christmas, and I'm not saying that everything will look like a fairy tale, family reunions tend to have their little drama! 

This year though,  I'm taking you on a mission to make the most of every moment spent with loved ones this Christmas. Forget about the to-do list, the cleaning, the yoga classes, just focus on you spending time with your family and making the most of it. 

Be present when you're with them, do not let your mind wander away from being present. I know it will be a challenge not to think about everything that is bugging you at the moment! What you will gain from it is priceless; treasured moments that will stay with you for life!

How does that sound?

I wish you a wonderful holiday, Christmas and a fantastic start for 2018. I will take a break from the Internet and look forward to connecting with you to make 2018 a smashing year for you!