Introducing Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir is a French word, it means a woman's private sitting room or bedroom where she can receive guests and romantic partners in a more discreet way, all behind closed curtains not to be seen, this is where the idea of boudoir photography comes from.

Boudoir portraits are an opportunity for you to express your most intimate self, celebrate yourself, your body, your femininity, get on a journey of self discovery you haven't dare to push  into yet.

Introducing boudoir photography sessions.jpg

My idea of boudoir is to create timeless, elegant, portrait, certainly more about implying than showing everything. There's more sensuality in suggesting than being explicit.

What can you expect from these boudoir portrait sessions?

When you choose to have boudoir portraits, there's much more behind it than just the pictures, it's about you and your raw side, the side that you can't hide, therefore trust is going to be your biggest request when choosing a photographer.

Being able, to be honest about why you're doing this boudoir photoshoot, how you want to be photographed and feeling at ease if you decide to be completely naked. You also want to be guided and coached in front of the camera, by someone who knows exactly how to make you look at your best.

I want to be all of these to you. I know there is a lot of vulnerability getting your clothes of and standing in front of a camera. That's why I want to speak to you before taking you on board for a photo shoot.

I might not be the right photographer for your aspiration if what you're after is not what I can offer. It's all about being honest, knowing each other's boundaries.

My mission as a portrait and boudoir photographer is to give you the opportunity to be you in front of the camera, I want to bring out the bold and powerful woman that has been hiding for too long. 

I am often told that the women in my portraits are strong and defiant, yes that is my aim, I can assure you nobody feels like this way when they first step in front of my camera. Once you are in front of my camera I'm on a mission, you will feel incredible at the end of the session.

Rachel xx

PS. If you want to know more about my boudoir portrait sessions, I have created a whole new website for it, and I have called it Noir Indulgence.