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Step into your zone of brilliance!

It’s time to move on!

It’s time to move on!

This is you

You’re well into your 40s or more. The story has been dangling in your head for some time now. You've realised that the kids don’t need you as much, they're hardly at home. Hubby is away cycling on the weekends, as you can’t see yourself wearing lycra tights cycling for miles, you stay at home feeling restless after a busy week at work.

What’s next? You’re bored shopping for the home, or shoes; you're looking for something more substantial? But what? You've got some ideas in mind, haven't allowed yourself to think more seriously about it, though. Really?

After years of dedicating your time to work and family it might be time to put yourself first again, does it sound too good to be true?

Your mind is dancing between ideas and possibilities not feeling brave enough to stand up and ask yourself permission to dance, though. I'm going to tell you something; your time is now! What are you waiting for?


Remember that girl who was fearless, super ambitious, didn't give a care in the world about what others where thinking of her? Yes that one where has she gone? I will tell you, she's been defeated, putting others first, trying to fit in, pleasing others, not thinking about herself!


Do you feel you’re not living up to your potential and laden with fears at the thought of changing and moving forward?

How long have you been holding back? Thought, I should do it and looked at another year gone by, thinking gosh I didn’t achieve my goals?

Sometimes all you need is someone to hold space for you, make you accountable and help you clarify your goals.

The good news!

I offer coaching (6 or 12 sessions) to help you transform what’s holding you back and no longer serving you.

I am here to help you step into your zone of brilliance working on your self-esteem and self love. WHY? Because I went through the same dilemma.

Working on self-love is the first step you need to tackle, before you can move forward in any other areas of your life.

Without feeling grounded and having the resources inside yourself, you will feel shakeable at every struggle, lost at every set back and looking for recognition from the wrong people.

Imagine building inner strength, learning to set boundaries, feeling happy in your skin, finding your zone of brilliance and be the person you’re meant to be. How does that sound?

Rachel xx 




Photographer, life Coach,

The connection is about the people. Curious by nature, about you, myself, I’m a constant work in progress



I’m Rachel, photographer and life coach passionate about helping you stop playing small, overcome the fears you have been holding on too far too long and help you step into your zone of brilliance.

Training as a life a coach felt like a normal evolution. Choosing the right training school was paramount and when I found the Beautiful Life Coaching Academy by Julie Parker, I knew it was the right one for me.

From people pleaser, to stepping into my zone of brilliance it took a lot of courage, learning, sessions with therapists, coaches until my ha-ah moment.

My strength is helping you step into your zone of brilliance and achieve your highest potential, this can be by helping you finding clarity in what you want to achieve, build a plan to help you get started and be your accountability partner. Help you navigate through what is working and not.

Building your self-esteem will make you feel stronger, overcome fears of being judged or rejected when you’re ready to follow your true path. It’s the solid ground you need to be unshakable, have faith in what you do and be the one who knows what’s best for you.

Rachel xx


You’re ready to get your mojo back and need some help to get clear about where to go next.



I offer coaching series either 6 (one hour) sessions over 3 months or 12 (one hour) sessions over 6 months.

Before we start working together, I invite you to have a complementary session with me to determine if we are a good match for each other and if I’m the right coach for you.

At the end of the complementary session you have the choice to choose between 6 or 12 sessions, there’s no obligation to buy. If you decide that coaching is not right for you at this time you are free not to go ahead with the coaching series.

Coaching is a process that has to feel right for you and it’s best if you’re fully committed to do the work and take action to reach your goals.

I am there to hold the space for you, help you set goals and take action towards the transformation that you're aiming for.

Coaching series packages


6 One hour sessions Coaching Series starting from £575

12 One hour sessions Coaching series starting from £975


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