How do photography and life coaching work together? Portrait photography is about people as is coaching



Portrait photoshoot or coaching or both? You’re in control and choose what works best for you.

You have the option to book

  • A photoshoot - learn more here

  • A coaching series - continue reading

  • Coaching series + photoshoot (more details about this coming soon).

Let’s introduce the coaching offer first.

Choose a life coaching series with me (6 or 12 sessions). The aim is to help you transform what’s holding you back and is no longer serving you.

Do you feel trapped? Limited by beliefs that are not yours ? Do you feel you’re not living up to your potential and laden with fears at the thought of changing and moving forward?

How long have you been holding back? Thought, I should do it and looked at another year gone by, thinking gosh I didn’t achieve my goals?

Sometimes all you need is someone to hold space for you, make you accountable and help you clarify your goals.

I am here to help you build your self-esteem and self love. WHY? Because I went through the same dilemma.

Working on self-love is the first step you need to tackle, before you can move forward in any other areas of your life.

Without feeling grounded and having the resources inside yourself, you will feel shakeable at every struggle, lost at every set back and looking for recognition from the wrong people.

My aim is to help find your inner strength, set boundaries, be happy in your skin, finding your zone of brilliance and be the person you’re meant to be. How does that sound?

Rachel xx 




Photographer, life Coach,

The connection is about the people. Curious by nature, about you, myself, I’m a constant work in progress


Training as a life a coach felt like a normal evolution. Choosing the right training school was paramount and when I found the Beautiful Life Coaching Academy by Julie Parker, I knew it was the right one for me.

From people pleaser, to stepping into my zone of brilliance it took a lot of courage, learning, sessions with therapists, coaches until my ha-ah moment.

You can do a lot of self development work, if you haven’t sorted out your self-esteem stuff it will feel like going back to the starting point each time. Not entirely tough, you will always learn something out of it, teach yourself new confidence tricks, but underneath it’s all crumbling because you haven’t worked on the foundations.

When I invite you to work on your self-love it’s because I’ve been there, took too many decisions in light of getting recognition. Feeling a real boost when I was told, I did something great. On the other hand felt completely at loss, when told, I didn’t do so great, shaken when being criticised and at breaking point when being rejected. The list could go on.

It was another life coach who helped find my truth, it looked so obvious that self-esteem was at the core of all my blocks. I was still looking on the outside to feel amazing! A simple question made me realise otherwise, love is coming from inside. No one can give you love if you don’t love yourself first.

Building your self-esteem will make you feel stronger, overcome fears of being judged or rejected when you’re ready to follow your true path. It’s the solid ground you need to be unshakable, have faith in what you do and be the one who knows what’s best for you.

Rachel xx



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